• Battery Solutions

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    Zinc Air Batteries

    Our Battery Solutions

    Sodium (ion) Battery

    Choose our Sodium-ion Battery for an energy-efficient, fast-charging, and safe power solution, excelling in all conditions.
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    Solar Fuel Stations

    Solar systems now give Nigerian filling stations the necessary clean and affordable energy
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    Vehicle Conversion

    As a dynamic multi-solution company we are committed to driving the energy transition forward.
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    Clean Cooking Solution

    We work to make sure people have access to clean and safe fuels and technologies for cooking and heating.
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    Charging Stations

    Experience the best of both worlds with us, as we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices.
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    Battery Swapping

    Dafe has strategically positioned its battery swapping centers to provide easy access for EV users.
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    Solar Home Systems

    Recognizing the critical role uninterrupted power plays in the seamless functioning of enterprises.
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    Electric Mobility

    Dafe is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our EVs are at the forefront of eco-friendly transit.
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    Power Plant

    Dafe takes a pioneering step in the realm of sustainable energy with our cutting-edge Hybrid Power Plant.
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