Sodium (ion) Battery

Choose our Rechargeable Sodium-ion Battery for an energy-efficient, fast-charging, and safe power solution that excels in all conditions.
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Sodium-ion batteries (Na-ion batteries) are an emerging technology offering a promising alternative to traditional lithium-ion batteries for various applications. They are particularly well-suited for inverter battery systems due to their lower cost and abundant raw material availability. Na-ion batteries have demonstrated impressive energy densities, comparable to lithium-ion batteries, and exhibit excellent cycle life, ensuring long-term reliability. Their robust performance across a wide temperature range makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Compared to lithium-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries offer several distinct advantages for inverter applications:

  • Energy Efficiency: Delivers high energy density for prolonged power supply, ensuring your devices stay powered longer.

  • Fast Charging: Enjoy quick recharge times, minimizing downtime and keeping your devices operational.

  • Temperature Stability: Engineered to perform consistently in extreme temperature conditions, maintaining reliable power in both hot and cold environments.

  • Safety Features: Built with safety in mind, this battery is highly resistant to overheating and thermal runaway, providing secure and dependable performance.