About Us

Welcome to DAFE ENERGY SOLUTIONS LIMITED (DESL), your partner in pioneering sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future.


Dafe Energy solutions is officially registered under Nigerian law, specializes in the innovation, development, and commercialization of Zinc-Air fuel cell batteries technology. We proudly hold an exclusive proprietary OEM license from DAFE TECHNOLOGIE GmbH, Germany, allowing us to manufacture locally and applying this technology across various sectors, including electric mobility, agricultural engineering, telecommunications, power, and various small and medium enterprise (SME) needs.


The Problem

After the removal of fuel subsidies in Nigeria, the repercussions extend far beyond mere economic burdens. The surge in the cost of traditional energy sources, namely gasoline and diesel, has triggered a domino effect, rippling through various sectors of society.

Firstly, the spike in transportation costs has inflicted a severe blow on the economy, amplifying the prices of goods and services. This inflationary pressure has cascaded down to consumers, burdening them with escalated living expenses. The strain is particularly acute for low-income individuals and small businesses, for whom every naira counts.

Moreover, the transit challenges exacerbate the situation. With higher fuel prices, public transportation fares have soared, making commuting unaffordable for many. This not only deepens the financial strain on individuals but also hampers their access to essential services and job opportunities. Rural communities, already marginalized, find themselves further isolated as transportation becomes prohibitively expensive or scarce.

The Solution

Dafe Zinc Air Batteries present a sustainable and cost-effective solution to mitigate the challenges posed by the removal of fuel subsidies in Nigeria. With a density of 200, these batteries offer a high energy storage capacity, making them ideal for various applications in the country.
Dafe Zinc Air Batteries can be used to store renewable energy generated from sources such as solar or wind, enabling the operation of hybrid electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This reduces dependence on fossil fuels for transportation and promotes the adoption of clean energy vehicles.
By deploying Dafe Zinc Air Batteries in battery swapping centers, electric vehicle owners can quickly exchange depleted batteries for fully charged ones, facilitating convenient and efficient EV operation without the need for lengthy charging times.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from Dafe Zinc Air Batteries by using them as power backup systems during electricity outages. These batteries can provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply, enabling businesses to maintain operations without disruption.
Integrating Dafe Zinc Air Batteries into hybrid power plants allows for the storage of excess renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, for use during periods of low generation or high demand. This enhances grid stability and reduces reliance on expensive and polluting fossil fuel-based power generation
Dafe Zinc Air Batteries can serve as energy storage solutions for telecom infrastructure, ensuring reliable communication services in remote or off-grid areas.
Additionally, these batteries can power electric mobility solutions, such as electric buses, cars, e-tricycle, offering clean and affordable transportation alternatives.