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With high energy storage density of our Made-in-Nigeria Zinc-Air Batteries, our solar-hybrid charging stations offer affordable energy solutions for E-Vehicles.
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Phone: +234 803 704 2673
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Address: 46 Mike Akhigbe WayJabi, Abuja 900108, Federal Capital Territory

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Phone: +234 803 704 2673
Email: Info@dafeenergy.com

Address: Plot 5 Road B medium Density command
Junction, opposite Marigold hotel Kaduna

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm

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In 4 simple steps, and within 3 minutes, our hybrid charging stations are strategically positioned across the nation and are equipped to power Nigeria's rising electric vehicle market.

By offering flexible charging options, and sustainable energy integration, our hybrid charging stations are driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the transportation sector, and shaping the future of mobility.

EV users can confidently plan their trips, knowing that our strategically located Zinc-air Battery Swapping Centers are readily accessible along their route.
In partnership with stations and partners, we have strategically positioned battery-swapping centers to offer convenient access for EV users.
Invest in Smart EV Charging Stations

Be Part of the New Energy Revolution

Our network of EV Charging stations can serve hundreds of Electric vehicles and reduces cost of transportation by over 40%.

You can also partner with us by being an EV vendor for your area.
With investments from private and public stakeholders, we’ll continue providing the infrastructure and expertise needed to adopt electric mobility in Nigeria.
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Private House

Homeowners can charge their vehicles overnight or during off-peak hours, taking advantage of lower electricity rates. A home charging station ensures that an EV is always ready for use, eliminating the need for frequent visits to public charging stations.

Underground Parking

These areas often have the necessary infrastructure to support the addition of charging stations, including electrical supply and ample space. Installing EV chargers in underground parking facilities provides residents and visitors with the convenience of charging their vehicles while parked securely. It can also increase the property’s value and appeal, attracting environmentally conscious tenants or customers who prioritize sustainability.
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Providing charging stations at the workplace demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and can enhance the company’s green credentials. It also offers convenience for employees, allowing them to charge their vehicles while they work, ensuring that they have a full battery for their commute home. A


For hotels, offering EV charging stations is an excellent way to attract guests who drive electric vehicles. As more travelers choose EVs, having charging options available can set a hotel apart from competitors. Guests can charge their vehicles overnight, ensuring they have a full battery to explore the area during the day.


These installations can accommodate not only the property owner’s vehicles but also those of visitors and staff. On sprawling estates where electric vehicles or golf carts are used for transportation within the property, having multiple charging points can enhance operational efficiency.