Potent World Global Ltd Hosts European Partner- AG Centrum  Poland At West African Automotive Show In Lagos.

Potent World Global Ltd Hosts European Partner- AG Centrum  Poland At West African Automotive Show In Lagos.

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Akaiso Akaiso, Lagos.

The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Presidential CNG & LPG Initiative, which is aimed at moving Nigerians away from Petrol and Diesel as vehicular combustion fuel gas has received a major boost at the just concluded West Africa Automotive Show (WAAS 2024) which took place between 14th- 16th May, 2024 at the Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

An indigenous Oil & Gas Servicing Company POTENT WORLD GLOBAL LTD played host to their European Partner – AG Centrum (Zenit Auto Gas Systems) Poland, a leading Auto Gas Systems in the World. With over 25 years of experience in auto gas industry.

They know perfectly the needs and expectations of customers. Their offer incorporates a complete range of products from the most renowned global manufacturers required for LPG and CNG systems. The choice of Zenit controllers and other components they offer is a guarantee of quality, confirmed by many years of trust among drivers and professional installers.

Zenit is a brand which has gained trust among users in over 50 countries around the world. It was the only brand thoroughly tested by experts in the field of automotive. In addition, Zenit has received multiple awards and recognition at international fairs. Their LPG and CNG systems are characterized by innovative technical solutions, thanks to which they ensure optimal performance parameters and longevity of the engine. Their quality standards are confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 Certificate and approval certifications.

Both POTENT & Zenit Autogas Systems were at the WAAS 2024 to Exhibit and Show Case their CNG/LPG AutoGas Systems by receiving various categories of visitors at the Exhibition stand to enlighten and educate Nigerians on their latest innovative AutoGas Systems/Kits which involves conversion of Petrol and Diesel Cars, Trucks and Generators to either CNG or LPG that is very common and available in Nigeria.

The good news about this AutoGas Systems is that Nigerians have the option of choosing between CNG or LPG which is readily available in Nigeria unlike the CNG. It is interesting to note that the AutoGas Systems benefits which include Cost Savings on PMS/AGO consumption/Expenditure, Reduction of Carbon Emissions, and Reduction of Maintenance costs due to the clean nature of gas can be achieved in the country.

The Managing Director/CEO of POTENT GROUP/AC Centrum (Zenit AutoGas System), Dr Kenneth Ebong further confirmed to the media and general public that their pilot conversion/installation and Training would be done within next month of June in Nigeria which would mark a milestone and a major boost to the FGN and President Bola Tinubu’s CNG & LPG Initiative and the global vision of “Net Zero” Carbon Emissions by 2050.
The Company also confirmed that their short/medium/long term marketing and penetration strategies include partnering with Workshop Owners and Installers across the Country, Training of Mechanical & Electrical Technicians and setting up of Conversion & Training Centers across major Cities in Nigeria starting from the South – South Region to other part of Nigeria.

The MD/CEO of POTENT further confirm that the company is currently discussing with manufacturers of CNG and LPG Stations in Europe and South Korea to deploy some CNG/LPG Filling Stations into the Country to enable Nigerians have access to both CNG and LPG to fuel their Cars, Trucks and Generators.
Furthermore, the MD/CEO of POTENT GROUP, Dr. Ebong confirmed that the company is willing and ready to partner with the Federal Government of Nigeria, State Governments, and Private Companies to actualize the vision and support the global vision of “Net Zero” Carbon Emissions by 2050.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Kenneth Ebong has solidified his status as a notable business man who stands out first among his equals. His intuition, business acumen and ability to identify opportunities where others sense failure have propelled him to the forefront.

Apart from his pedigree as a top notch business strategist, Ebong does not only love to create his own path but enjoys finding path for others to follow. Little wonder within the circle of his association, he is seen as a silent archiver and a pathfinder.

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