Niger State set to introduce 200 CNG buses for sustainable public transportation

Niger State set to introduce 200 CNG buses for sustainable public transportation

The Niger State Government has officially disclosed that a fleet of 200 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered buses, recently acquired, will soon commence public transportation operations across the state.

This announcement was made public by Abdulberqy Usman Ebbo, Special Adviser on Digital Communications to Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago of Niger State, who shared this development through his verified X account platform on Monday.

Recall that this initiative follows Governor Bago’s strategic move in 2023, wherein he solidified partnerships with four distinguished companies through the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) to procure 200 environmentally friendly CNG buses for N7 billion.

This decision to purchase the CNG buses was taken in response to the subsidy removal to alleviate the financial burden on citizens while promoting sustainable energy solutions.

With the imminent deployment of these state-of-the-art buses, the state anticipates a substantial enhancement in its public transportation infrastructure, fostering greater accessibility, efficiency, and environmental stewardship for its populace.

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More insight

  • Delving into the details of the upcoming public transportation service facilitated by CNG buses, the statement highlighted the provision of free rides for students commuting to schools within Minna, the capital city.
  • Additionally, the statement mentioned that discounted fares will be offered to civil servants commuting to work, with strategically located bus stops in Minna and at the state secretariat to efficiently handle the influx of commuters.
  • Furthermore, a portion of the bus fleet will be allocated to daily routes linking Suleja and Abuja, accompanied by specialized services catering to inter-local government travel originating from the state capital.
  • Additionally, it was revealed in the statement that Governor Umaru Bago firmly believes in the effectiveness of subsidizing transportation expenses as a means to offer enduring and sustainable assistance to the community. This stance underscores his unwavering dedication to improving the well-being of the people of Niger State.

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