Lease to Own

Dafe Energy Solutions Ltd presents an exceptionally promising investment opportunity within Nigeria's rapidly expanding E-Mobility sector. As the country embraces the transition to electric mobility, Dafe Energy Solutions Ltd stands at the forefront, driving innovation and sustainability in transportation.
The Lease-To-Own option allows investors to acquire our E-Keke through a financing plan that spreads the payment over 24 months. This option is best for investors looking to manage their cash flow while still benefiting from daily returns generated by our E-Tricycle in conjunction with the Tricycle Operators Association of Nigeria(TOAN).

Key Features
• Initial Payment: Investors pay an initial 30% of the total cost of the vehicle to the Bank (Financier).
• Financing Term: The remaining 70% is financed over a 24-month period with a 7.5% annual interest rate.
• Vehicle Release: The vehicle is released to a driver upon the initial 30% payment.
• Daily Returns: The driver makes daily returns for the investor, contributing to the repayment and eventual ownership of the vehicle.
Example Calculation
Our Dafe E-Keke costs N3.4 million. Details for the Lease to Own are:
• Initial Payment: N1,020,000 (30%)
• Financed Amount: N2,380,000 (70%)
• Monthly Interest Rate: 0.625% (7.5% annually / 12 months)
• Monthly Interest Payment: N14,875
• Monthly Principal Payment: N99,167
• Total Monthly Payment: N114,042 (Principal + Interest)
• Total Payment Over Term: N2,736,960 (Principal) + N356,994 (Interest) = N3,093,954

Return on Investment (ROI) for Lease-To-Own
• Initial Investment: N1,020,000
• Net Profit: N4,106,046
• ROI: 402.55% over 24 months


• Managed Cash Flow: Spread the cost of the vehicle over 24 months.
• Ownership: Gain full ownership of the vehicle after the payment term.
• Daily Income: Generate daily returns throughout the payment period.
• ROI: 402.55% over 24 months
Investing in e-tricycles provides diversification for investors, spreading their risk across different asset classes.
The investment offers a reliable source of income through the ROI generated from the operation of e-tricycles.
Investors can scale their investment by purchasing more tricycles, leveraging volume discounts to maximize profitability.
Bulk purchasing enables investors to acquire tricycles at reduced unit prices, optimizing their investment capital.
E-tricycles contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.
Supporting e-tricycle initiatives fosters job creation and economic empowerment within local communities.
With the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation alternatives, investment in e-tricycles positions investors at the forefront of a burgeoning market segment.

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