Direct Investment

A key facet of our investment proposition lies in the scalability afforded by bulk purchases. As investors acquire additional e-tricycles, they unlock the potential for enhanced profitability.
We offer investment opportunities for individuals seeking direct investment avenues. Investors can capitalize on our e-tricycles, available in both 3-seater and 6-seater variants. This opportunity enables investors to expand their portfolio by purchasing additional tricycles while ensuring a return on investment (ROI). Moreover, investors can benefit from bulk purchases, as the unit price decreases with increased quantity.
The Direct Investment option is designed for investors who prefer to make an outright payment for the vehicle. This option eliminates any interest charges or surcharges and allows the investor to immediately own the vehicle and benefit from daily returns.

Key Features

• Outright Payment: Investors make a one-time payment for the total cost of the vehicle.
• Vehicle Ownership: Immediate ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the investor.
• Daily Returns: The vehicle is given to a driver who delivers daily returns to the investor.
Return on Investment (ROI) for Direct Investment Option
• Initial Investment: N3.4 million
• Net Profit: N3,800,000
• ROI: 111.76% over 24 months

Daily Returns

In both investment options, the E-Keke is managed by a professional driver who generates daily returns for the investor. These returns are based on the Keke’s usage in our E-Mobility service and are designed to provide a steady stream of income.


Investors can seize this opportunity to align their financial goals with sustainable and socially responsible investment practices while securing attractive returns.
Investing in e-tricycles provides diversification for investors, spreading their risk across different asset classes.
The investment offers a reliable source of income through the ROI generated from the operation of e-tricycles.
Investors can scale their investment by purchasing more tricycles, leveraging volume discounts to maximize profitability.
Bulk purchasing enables investors to acquire tricycles at reduced unit prices, optimizing their investment capital.
E-tricycles contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.
Supporting e-tricycle initiatives fosters job creation and economic empowerment within local communities.
With the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation alternatives, investment in e-tricycles positions investors at the forefront of a burgeoning market segment.

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