Indian Automaker to Launch World’s First CNG Bike

Indian Automaker to Launch World’s First CNG Bike

Bajaj Auto’s Managing Director, Rajiv Bajaj, shared exciting news on Friday, revealing that India’s first CNG-powered motorcycle, made by Bajaj Auto, will hit the market in June. This upcoming bike, expected to fall into the 100-125cc segment, targets consumers who prioritize fuel efficiency and mileage. It’s set to be introduced under a brand new name.

The CNG motorcycle is likely to come with a higher price tag compared to traditional petrol bikes. This is because it requires additional manufacturing costs and features a special tank to accommodate both petrol and CNG fuels. However, despite the initial investment, customers can expect to save significantly on operational costs, with expenses estimated to be half that of petrol motorcycles in the same engine category.

Rajiv Bajaj also acknowledged the government’s efforts to expand the CNG pump network across the country. He mentioned the growing popularity of CNG vehicles in areas where fuel availability is increasing, indicating a positive trend towards alternative fuel options.

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