Electric vehicle dip due to ‘lack of skilled labour’ to replace batteries 

Electric vehicle dip due to ‘lack of skilled labour’ to replace batteries 

The dip in electric vehicles’ (EVs) popularity is because there is a “lack of skilled labour” in dealing with secondhand EVs, according to a used car dealer. 

The Irish Daily Mail reported today the goal to have a million EVs by the end of the decade has seemingly reached a dead end. 

Blame has been laid at the foot of Transport Minister Eamon Ryan for failing to develop infrastructure that will facilitate EVs in the long-term. 

User and new car dealer Nadia Adan told The Anton Savage Show a key issue is the inability to sell second-hand EVs. 

“From a used car point of view, it’s all well and good in the first couple of years,” she said. 

“But we in the used car market see real depreciation in electric vehicles. 

“From a local level, what I’ve been hearing back is the charging issues, the infrastructure. 

“Norway has a very similar population to us, and they have 25,000 charging points – we only have 1900 in the whole of Ireland that includes rural Ireland.” 

Second-hand EVs

Ms Adan said the real issues emerge when trying to refurbish and sell second-hand EVs. 

“We’re also seeing a shortage in skilled labour when it comes to the second-hand EVs that are out of manufacturing warranty if there has to be EVs batteries replaced,” she said. 

“We do not have the kind of skilled labour force that we need for the amount of these to be on the ground to be warrantied by someone like myself. 

“On a worst-case scenario, we can see a Porsche or a Tesla battery costs up to €15 to €20 grand to replace. 

“On a lower level, like a Renault, can cost anywhere between five to eight grand. 

“I don’t know any second-hand car dealer that has that much of a margin to take that on on a warranty basis.” 

Ms Adan said it is “all well and good” for the people who can afford EVs first-hand, but in order to reach the Government’s goal, skills and resources must be increased to sustain second-hand dealing. 

She suggested more emphasis is placed on hybrid vehicles if the Government wants people to driver greener. 

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