DAFE Energy Flags Off Africa’s First Zinc-Air Modular Factory in Kaduna, Nigeria

DAFE Energy Solutions Limted has initiated the construction of its Zinc-Air Modular battery factory in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria.

The facility will serve as a hub for producing renewable energy solutions tailored for Nigeria, including an impressive output of over 20,000 Zinc-Air fuel cell monthly, along with 1,000 Sodium-Ion cellsbatteries. Additionally, the factory will house an assembly plant for electric tricycles, clean-cooking stoves, and other by-products such as face masks, fertilizers, and biofuels.


Speaking at the inspection of the factory  site in Kaduna, the Managing Director of Dafe Energy Solutions Limited , Mr Kayode Babatunde says even though Nigeria has substantial deposits of Lithium  can in various states, Lithium ore constitute just about 11% of the total chemistry mix of Lithium batteries so investing in a Lithium-ion battery plant in Nigeria  poses viability challenges due to  lack of sufficient data  confirming the commercial availability of other crucial materials needed for Lithium-ion, especially Cobalt, which constitute about 22% of the lithium battery mix.

He said the pursuit of this unique solution stems from the fact that the major components ,Zinc ore, is readily available in Nigeria while the secondary component is the air we breathe.

He maintaned that it is the company’s desire to create jobs and enhance the  standard  of  living  of Nigerians while  contributing  to  the country’s  energy  transition  goalsparticularly  in  the  context  of  Electric  Vehicles  (EVs),  electric tricycles,  and  Power  Boxes  for  SMapplications. To achieve this, the company is looking at off-grid solar hybrid battery swapping and DC charging  systems at various filling stations accross the country.


This modular factory is projected to create more than 5,000 jobs annually, marking a significant stride in DAFE-Magnifique’s commitment to providing sustainable energy and empowerment for Nigeria.

It is scientifically proven that Zinc-Air batteries offer higher energy density compared to conventional sources, and their production process is notably safer for the environment.

To fast-track delivery of the factory, DAFE and its subsidiary company-Magnifique Integrated Concepts Limited are actively engaging with partner stakeholders and has garnered commendations from both the public and private sector.


Stay tuned for more updates on the Zinc-Air factory and other innovations from DAFE Energy Solutions.


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